Why pay for daily rate, if 12h meet your need to spend only one night?

Book a few HOURS of hotel during the day!

Why pay for a daily rate if you only need a few hours at the hotel?

Book the best meeting rooms for hours

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Who we are

HotelQuando.com is the first and only global platform for online hotel reservations that allows the user to book a room for 3, 6, 9 or 12 hours at a fair price. You also decide at what time you would like to enter the hotel.

You decide when check into the hotel

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Besides the date, you decide what time you would like to check into the hotel.

You decide how many hours you need


Given the entry time, you choose the package that suits your needs: 3, 6, 9 or 12 hours.

Pay a fair price for your stay at the hotel

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There's no need to pay for a full day stay when you need it for less than 24 hours

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Wherever you are, your own place to spend a few hours doing what you want: relax, work, take a shower, wait for a meeting or a flight. Think of us as your second choice for home or office.

When booking?

  • To wait for a flight or appointment
  • To spend only 1 night
  • To come earlier or leave later
  • To take a shower
In your own city
  • To spend the night away from home
  • To dinner and sleep away from home
  • To take a shower when you're away from home
  • To enjoy the Spa, pool, gym
Hours of Hotel When you want!
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